Combing a dog's head

Sydney's Pet Resort takes great care and pleasure in providing the most spectacular professional grooming services for your pets. The community has recognized our unparalleled dedication, choosing us for the Wichita Eagle's Reader's Choice Favorite Grooming Award. Consider using our pick-up/drop-off service before and after your visit!



First-time clients only and one per family. Subject to availability and cannot be used over Holidays. Offers cannot be combined.


LEAWOOD: (913) 239-0110

WICHITA: (316) 928-2400

Benefits of Grooming

A cute haircut is nice, but the health benefits of a professional grooming are even more important.

It's the safe way to look handsome! Proper grooming is more than a brush and clip, and groomers are highly trained to beautify your dog without causing discomfort. If you attempt to groom your dog at home, you could accidentally leave scratches or irritate the skin. Plus, as a groomer works, they screen your dog's feet and skin for abnormalities.

Nail maintenance matters. A dog's nails grow naturally and need to be trimmed about once a month. Left alone, overgrown nails can disrupt your dog's posture and foot structure while causing discomfort. A professional groomer knows exactly how much to cut and helps your dog cooperate, which greatly reduces the likelihood of cutting too short.

Reduces shedding. The coat you like to pet is just one of multiple layers of hair your dog has, depending on their breed. Some dogs have two or three kinds of fur, which ordinary brushing won't reach. A groomer's professional tools loosen up hair in these deep layers, reducing shedding and leaving your dog with a lighter, more comfortable coat.

Standard Poodle being groomed

Dog Grooming Services

The award-winning groomers at Sydney's Pet Resort will leave your pet looking and feeling like royalty. We offer a full menu of grooming services in addition to our regular grooming packages, which include:

  • Complete Groom. Includes Hydro-Surge bath, full body haircut, nail trim, anal glands, ear & eye cleaning, bow or bandana and cologne.
  • Basic Groom. Includes Hydro-Surge bath, face/feet/sanitary trim, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal glands, bow or bandana and cologne.
  • Board Bath. Treat your dog to a Hydro-Surge bath during their stay.

At the end of your grooming, your dog will come home wearing a bow or bandana and a splash of our Sydney's Unleashed doggie cologne.

Dog Grooming Prices

Prices vary by breed. All dogs must be at least 12 weeks old to receive spa services at Sydney's Pet Resort & Spa.

Bath & Nail Trims

  • Small $35
  • Medium $40
  • Large $45
  • Giant $50

Specialty shampoo for

  • Small dogs $4
  • Medium $5
  • Large $6
  • Giant $7
  • Added Deshed $5+, Deshed Combo $32, Deskunk $20+
dog being groomed

Dog Spa in Wichita

Dogs enjoy the royal treatment in our grooming salon. With top-shelf grooming equipment and products, our loving and experienced spa staff will provide premium service in a relaxing way.

dog being groomed

Dog Spa in Leawood

Inside Leawood's Sydney's Pet Spa is a state-of-the-art grooming parlor designed just like a human hair salon. Cheerful checkered tiles lend a retro feel while our devoted grooming team beautifies and pampers your pup.

Hydro-Surge technology offers a relaxing experience that massages your pet's skin while it washes, and we use only the safest and most effective pet products.

Additional Amenities

Most of our grooming services can be chosen and combined a-la-carte, but here are some extra special treatments:

  • Nail Trim
  • Nail Grind
  • Blueberry Facial
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Ear Plucking
  • Anal Glands
  • Fluff & Spritz
  • Deshed
  • Dematting
  • Breath Freshener
Standard poodle being groomed